Each Milkman candle has been designed to invoke memories and new sensations. We work closely with an independent fragrance house in London to design our fragrances based on experiences, visions and sensory desires; creating memorable fragrances that people wish to explore within their ‘space’.

Sensory stimulation plays a huge part in what we do, we centre on finding a balance between fragrance throw and room diffusion. We don’t wish our fragrances to take over, but rather exist harmoniously within your space.



Our sleeve wraps are printed locally to our home in Bristol and have been made using full FSC card stock. We’ve used a very traditional print technique to achieve the desired card texture and finish. Each candle variant has a hand-drawn illustration on the sleeve inspired by images captured on our adventures.



We work closely with a UK based packaging company to design and grow each of our custom biodegradable mycelium boxes.

Mycelium is a root-like structure that forms the vegetative tissue of mushrooms. It grows exponentially with the correct nutrition and environmental conditions.

Our packaging partner works with local farms; taking the waste products from hemp, corn and timber production and putting it to use by growing unique, custom-designed, environmentally friendly packaging. We use a custom mold to ensure our candles are held in the packaging securely. 

Our boxes are certified biobased as well as being:

● Home compostable

● Hydrophobic

● Flame resistant

● Rigorously tested against impact, temperature and humidity

● Non-toxic against US, EU, JAP, AUS & CAN standards

At the end of the box’s use, our packaging can be broken down to biodegrade at home. When broken up into small pieces by hand, and thrown into loose soil/vegetation, it will decompose in around 45 days, keeping all its carbon safely locked away and also adding nitrates to the earth.